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Origin is a multi-use space that showcases social entrepreneurship and sustainability in action, which allows us to engage with local community on multiple levels. Origin’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development related to:


Sustainable value chain on food production and consumption


Responses to climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic


Multi-sectoral Collaboration

The Origin includes three components:

An Impact Minimart

The Learning Hub

Co-Production Kitchen


Origin Impact Minimart

We work with International NGOs, Cooperatives, Local Governments event with our competitors to introduce and sell impactful products from the farmers themselves. We also work with entrepreneurs and international corporations that share the same vision and mission.


Origin Learning Hub

We partner with schools and Non-Government Organizations to train primary, secondary students about all aspects of sustainability & circular economy concepts. Additionally, this area can be rented for other purpose-driven activities, workshops, seminars, etc.


Co-Production Kitchen

The internatioanl standard kitchen is to support various food & beverage businesses through shared resources and collaboration. We hope to empower small to medium enterprises in Danang to grow their business both through production on site as well through our distribution network.

Impact Minimart

Given the exciting burning issue on food origin traceability in Da Nang, we collaborated with multi suppliers and engaged with different organizations locally and internationally to create a sustainable food production and consumption value chain, right here at our Origin Impact Minimart. As such, our foods are certified by local authorities as well as meeting International Standards.

Why should you shop with us ?

  • YOU and your family are safe consuming our certified products by local government and meeting international standards.
  • YOU mitigate risk for you and your family to get health related issues that are potentially caused by pesticide products.
  • YOU contribute to address the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nation Development Programs on food security and climate change mitigation.
  • YOU contribute 51% profit of your total bill into your children’s and the younger generation’s education building a healthier life and greener earth.
  • Last but not least, YOU get competitive market prices !


  • 70,000 tons of pesticides are used annually on Vietnam’s farms. We import pesticides more than petrol, at the cost of 308 and 249 million USD respectively in the first half of 2020.
  • 85% to 90% companies in Vietnam import pesticides from China as it’s the largest pesticide producer in the world, accounting for 40% of total Gross Global Product.
  • Only 10% of vegetables grown in Da Nang meets the city consumption market.
  • Only 5% of SAFE vegetables grown in Da Nang meets the city consumption market.
  • 80%-90% of agricultural products are imported to Da Nang from surrounding provinces making origin traceability difficult.
  • Only 8 out of 70 traditional markets meet the local government’s standard as level 1. 22 rated level 2 and 40 rated level 3.


  • 3 VIETGAP has certified vegetable growing areas in Da Nang, and this is where Origin sources its products from.
  • 6 contracts and Memorandums of Understanding with certified food suppliers are already signed.
  • 10 local and international organizations are engaged in the Origin food value chain.
  • 100% of our food sold comes with health certificates both locally and internationally.

    Learning Hub

    We offer cooking classes and educational training events for children, to educate our younger generation and raise awareness on the effects of climate change mitigation.  We do this through a STEM approach with classes conducted from our Retail Shop and our Co-Production Kitchen for practical activities.  The space is also to rent for organizing workshops on all aspect of sustainability.

    Co-Production Kitchen

    The Origin Co-Production Kitchen is an initiative to facilitate local food & beverage entrepreneurs and small & medium enterprises to fulfill their dreams. The space is big enough for multiple chefs to work at the same time with full kitchen equipment by Berjaya. We encourage entrepreneurs whose products are healthy and high quality, unique and sustainable to join us on this adventure of ensuring sustainable food security for Da Nang, Vietnam and Global.

    Origin Co-Production kitchen offers:

    Fully equipped kitchen by Berjaya

    No overhead costs, just walk in and cook.

    A network of consumption and distribution.

    An Impact Shop to introduce & sell your products.

    A sustainable business model.

    Join forces to minimize costs and maximize values and benefits.

    Cooking classes to be integrated in our Education Area to showcase your brand and increase your visibility locally and internationally besides in our Impact Shop.

    Join with us

    Origin Impact Hub was created based on the Social Enterprise Model, so we are responsible to allocate 51% profit of your bill when you shop with or partner with us.  We then reinvest that in food safety and environmental protection, to not only protect your children’s future but also give a helping hand to the world to achieve the the Sustainable Development Goals.

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