Origin Learning Hub

December 13, 2021

Every day, we create a variety of impacts on our world, some of which are positive and some of which are negative. We are currently dealing with a slew of repercussions as a result of the negative impacts from past actions, such as pollution creation, overpopulation, deforestation, and so on. Is it too late to teach our children about sustainability and the importance of making a positive impact on our world?

In 2021, the Indochina Tower Commercial Center and the Indochina Riverside Mall initiated our sustainability initiatives and began collaborating with our first sustainability partner, Sunrise Potential Partners. Their second project, the Origin Learning Hub (located on the 2nd floor of the Indochina Riverside Mall) aims to educate the younger generation and raise awareness about all topics surrounding sustainability.

Origin uses a practice-based, STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to assist students gain social awareness about global climate change and food safety. With children at the heart of the experience, children will be able to pick and utilize ingredients at the Origin Impact Minimart and prepare meals in the Origin Co-production Kitchen. In addition, the children also have the opportunity to visit, exchange and learn through field trips to farms and non-profit organizations for disadvantaged children.

All Workshops are led by native English speakers with extensive experience working with children and in the education sector. In each class, children will be learnt about and practiced critical thinking, debate, presentation, and communication. Each class focuses on the development of all four English skills as well as hands-on practice.

Join the workshop now to ensure that your children, the future leaders of sustainability, have greater information and practical actions for the future!!!

If you are interested in our sustainable business partners in this series, please check detail below:


Origin Impact Minimart & The Learning Hub & Co-Production Kitchen: https://www.facebook.com/origindanang

Glassia Water bottling: https://www.facebook.com/glassiawater


Indochina Riverside Mall: http://indochinariversidemall.com/

Sunrise Potential Partners: https://spp.com.vn/

Evergreen Labs: https://evergreenlabs.org/