June 13, 2022

Exciting News – Origin Summer Charity Market!👏👏👏

Come and join our Origin Learning Hub’s students at their Summer Charity Market. This is the platform for our children including yours to engage and interact with their peers for teamwork, management skills including work load, budget management, sale & marketing. Most importantly, they will learn probably how to share with less fortunate peers by hands-on activities which is running the Charity

🛒🛒Market themselves at all stages.

This is the non-profit market and we are here to share.💞💞💞

👉Where do the market’s goods come from? Used but still good clothes, books, toys, garden vegetables & fruits, homemade snack & drinks from you, your friends, your networks and of course from our Origin Learning Hub’s students who will be attending Origin Summer Workshop. 👕👖👗📖🍕⚽

👉Who is the Market Management Board?

The students themselves participate in the summer workshop.

👉Where will the market’s revenue go?

All revenue will be spent to buy bicycles and gifts to less fortunate students from the Da Nang Street Children Center and those kids suffering from cancer in the city.💝💝💝

👉All activities from preparation, sales, revenue and budget management, bicycle & gift purchase will be done directly by the students.

What a beautiful and memorable summer it will be for your kids to experience and share together! Let your kids join us now!🥰🥰🥰