About us

Sunrise Potential Partners (SPP) is a Social Enterprise based in Da Nang and established in 2020 by a Vietnamese woman with 20 years of experience in the NGO field. SPP provides a professional platform for social entrepreneurs as well as social enterprises to do business while making positive impact to our economy, people and planet.


We strive toward the Sustainable Development Goals for a better earth for our children where each individual deserves a much better healthy and happy life than it is in the time being.


Our values

We’re not only doing business but we do business in a sustainable manner. Normal businesses may bring you faster and more profitable results, however this does not mean everything. We are willing to make less profit in a longer period of time to ensure our businesses addresses the pressing issues of what existing sustainable development is facing.

We prioritize sustainable development over profit

We work directly with multiple sectors including but not limited to individuals, local authorities, start-up community, private sector, NGOs, international organizations and institutions to both create and join forces to maximize our shared potential for value added while minimizing costs.

Multi-sectoral collaboration

An important value that SPP carries out since our first day of operation is to spend 51% of our profit on charity for children with disabilities or disadvantages. This is what enables SPP to be a Social Enterprise by the law on enterprise of Vietnam.

Social impact & Charity